Graduation in Grootvlei for Day Care Centre Principals

Graduation ceremony for 17 ECD practitioners from our communities

November 13th marked a momentous occasion for the Early Childhood Development programme, the first graduation ceremony for 17 ECD practitioners from our communities.

We have established a strong partnership with the ASHA Trust, a provider of Early Childhood Development support programmes for home-based crèches in disadvantaged communities, who facilitated the training at the Topsy Sanctuary from May this year.

Emily is one of the principals that received certification. Emily is the principal at Leseding day care centre in Siyathemba. She started her day care centre in 2009. When Emily started the ASHA Trust’s CARE training programme she had minimal working experience in a day care centre as a practitioner. Her centre is not yet receiving a subsidy from the Department of Social Development which makes it one of the most under-resourced centres Topsy works with.

The training Emily received from the programme helped her gain knowledge on how to provide the best possible quality care and stimulating environment to the children in her centre, in spite of the lack of adequate practitioners and financial resources. The training has also improved her administration skills which make her centre management better and increases her chances of receiving financial assistance from the Department of Social Development, and other donors in the community.

At the end of ASHA Trust’s CARE training programme, Emily received the award for the most improved day care centre. In spite of the financial challenges she faces, staff and disadvantaging community environmental factors, she has been motivated to rise above her challenges. Her confidence has been lifted and she knows she continues to have support to implement what she learnt and improve her centre further.

Emily is the epitome of potential unlocked through ASHA Trust’s simplified, practical and site support centred training programme. She has been given an opportunity to better impact the lives of the children in the community she serves.