The Mofokeng family of 8 live in a shack with no running water, toilet facilities or electricity, so Topsy stepped in to ensure a better life for the little ones.

It is a huge challenge, but Topsy is making progress. Slowly but surely...

Heleen Venter, Topsy Social Worker, explains how:

The family stays in Extension 1, Phumelong, and the father of three of the children in the household died about two years ago, leaving them with his partner.

The big family stays in a small shack with no basic facilities. They are a very poor family and the mother does not look after the children as well as she should.

After doing an assessment of the children’s situation, Topsy intervened. They met the criteria of Topsy’s Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Programme and were included in the Emergency Food and Essentials Parcel Programme.

In addition, Topsy currently assists the children with medical and psycho-social care. The Topsy staff also assists with bathing and feeding the children and have supplied them with new, warm clothes and schooling outfits.

Topsy Community Health Care Workers have also given assistance and support to the mother of the family to help her take better care of the children. With daily home visits to the family and weekly reports given to our Social Worker, Topsy is able to make sure that the mother has cooked food for the children, and that they are happy and healthy.

Sure, it’s a challenge, but Topsy is making great progress and it’s all worth it for these grateful children.