Heleen Venter, a Social Worker, was called upon to pay a visit to a father-less family in need. What she found was 4 young children and a mother reaching out for help.

What started out as a story of a destitute family has turned in to a story of hope for the future.

In Heleen’s words:

Sandile, our garden facilitator in Siyathemba, found a family he thought needed help and asked me to pay them a visit. Upon visiting this family for an evaluation, I found 4 pre-school-aged children, and a mother whose husband passed on about 2 months ago. Both parents are HIV positive and the family is destitute with no food or money. The children were starving and relied on what they could find in the dumping grounds for sustenance. I was told that their neighbours had been helping where they could and during my visit, one of those neighbours approached me and pleaded with me to help the family. Topsy immediately offered a helping hand by donating food parcels, blankets and other living essentials. Sandile even identified a space in their yard to start a vegetable patch so that they could grow their own food. Martha (the mother) was overcome with gratitude and started to cry in relief, knowing that her children has a better shot at a good life. This is a picture of two of her young children in the doorway.