Topsy Celebrates 15 Years of Service to Rural Communities

2015 has been a truly fantastic year - thank you for your continued support!

In November 2015 we celebrated 15 years of dedicated service towards the upliftment of rural communities in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Topsy was originally conceptualised and founded in 2000 by Duke Kaufman, Silja Elena and Doug Maritz, to provide relief services to some of South Africa’s most under-resourced rural communities. Initially set up as a children’s home to care for youth who were left orphaned by the AIDS epidemic, it became evident quite quickly that the provision of ARVs within the community was in great demand. Through the years we have continually grown and evolved based on the needs of the communities, to become an organisation that empowers people affected by HIV/AIDS through medical care, social support and skills development.

Ensuring that severely poverty stricken children in rural communities reach their full potential, we are committed to creating lasting transformation in individuals’ lives with upliftment programmes taking place from a central project site at Grootvlei, Mpumalanga, called the Topsy Sanctuary. Through our current Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Programme, we provide holistic care to vulnerable children through medical, psychosocial, nutritional and educational interventions. This includes the newly implemented Early Childhood Development programme. We also provide Specialised Medical Programmes which includes voluntary medical male circumcision and cervical cancer screening. The Enterprise Development Programme comprises of the Beadwork Project and Sewing Project which offers income women who are thus enabled to support their families.

We are not able to mention all our loyal donors to whom we remain indebted; individuals, companies, trusts and foundations, government departments. Thank you to all who believe in our work.

We look forward to continuing to make a tangible and significant difference and ask you to join us in building a positive future for our communities.