Gogo Martha's story

4Orphans are cared for by Gogo Martha

One of our special Gogos’ (Grannies’) stories...

Gogo Martha is 70yrs old.She is looking after 4 orphans. The children's mother, who was her daughter, passed away in 2005 and left the children in her care. The last child was 3 months old when the mother died.

Life was difficult after their mother's death.
In Gogo’s words:

I couldn't take proper care of the kids and the children's needs was not properly met. I couldn't by food,pay for their school fees and buy school clothes with my pension money. I prayed every day to God to give me an answer. One day I heard a knock at the door and there was 2 ladies at the door. They introduced themselves and explained that they are from the Topsy Foundation.

They explained how Topsy Foundation works and I explain to them that I have 4 orphans, whose mother is deceased and their father is unknown to me. They sent their Social Worker to come and assess the home circumstances. Then the following month I received food parcels. Topsy also paid for the children's school uniform. I received vegetable seeds and help from Topsy to do the vegetable garden. I don't have to buy vegetables anymore.

I feel my prayers are answered.